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2020 Projects in Review

2020 has been, well, a year. I won't waste your time bemoaning the reasons why we all know it sucked, but for me and Santi it meant unexpected loss, a postponed wedding, and a full year without seeing my family. In many ways it has felt like a year wasted - just treading water until life can return to normal. I have felt anxious about the time lost and my lack of productivity more times than I can count. But 2020 wasn't all bad. In fact, if sitting in your house day in and day out for 10 months does anything, it motivates you to tackle all those little projects you've been avoiding. So without further ado, here is every project or major house purchase I tackled in 2020.


  • Installed trim around the dishwasher (finally!)

  • Powerwashed and repainted the skirting in the front of the house


  • Demoed the kitchen backsplash

  • Installed new countertops (hired out)

  • Installed new sink and drain

  • Hung IKEA shelves in the kitchen


  • Bought a new trash can

  • Built a slatted bench for the porch

  • Installed the kitchen backsplash


  • Had kitchen doorways replaced with arches

  • Dyed curtains for the dining room

  • Added legs to dining room bar


  • Tore out and rebuilt the flower bed around our pecan tree

  • Scraped and recaulked all the airstream windows

  • Purchased and hung a mirror for the dining room

  • Bought a new rug for the dining room

  • Arranged and hung a gallery wall in the dining room


  • Replaced weatherstripping on the airstream door

  • Started building the little free pantry (still need to finish this one!)

  • Bought a new stove


  • Santi built and installed his corner desk

  • Replaced blinds in the kitchen and guest room with wooden roman shades


  • Rewired our mounted tv to hide all the wires in the wall


  • Purchased a plant shelf for the bedroom


  • Tore out the linoleum and refinished the original hardwood floors in the kitchen (hired out)

  • Bought a king bed

  • Started building a new headboard (planning on a January finish)


  • Installed a new pendant light in the kitchen

  • Bought a new dresser for the bedroom and moved out our two old ones

  • Renovated driveway (to be finished very soon!)

I don't think at midnight all of the tragedy of 2020 will magically disappear. But my hope for 2021 is that I'll continue to find a way to channel the anxiety and sadness that the year brought into tangible changes that make my space feel more and more like home.

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