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There’s something pretty spectacular about the feeling you get when you’ve made something by hand. Each imperfection a testament to your effort, to your problem-solving. For me, my home is a place to showcase each of these small victories. To see the potential hidden in each room and find a creative way to bring it to life. I believe that every project I tackle should should be like a second coat of paint - it won’t be perfect but damn if it doesn’t make it look better. Welcome to A Second Coat.

It's nice to meet you...


Hi, I'm Amanda. I am a first-time homeowner and a proud cat lady. I've always been inspired by making things by hand. Whether it was model homes I made as a kid or a dining room table in the first real house I lived in as an adult, it always meant more when I started from scratch. And that's exactly the mindset I've brought to my little 1950s bungalow. I'm slowly bringing her back to life, one project at a time. I truly believe that anyone, regardless of skill level can tackle simple projects to make their spaces more personal and unique. I have been slowly teaching myself over the years, and I'm so excited to share what I've learned. 

- Amanda

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